Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Moving Challenge

10 days until the start of the Get Moving Challenge. This is a challenge to push yourself. Your only competition is you. My challenge to you is to walk/jog/run to a goal for the month of July. This challenge will run July 1 to July 31, here's how it will work:

* You select a goal for number of miles you are going to complete for the month & email it to me or create your own tracker at and send me the HTML code they provide at the end of the process.
(remember, it's not a contest to do the most miles, do what's right for you)

* E-mail me at with updates to your totals if I'm doing your ticker OR update your tracker (you will either want to bookmark it when you create your tracker, or you can click on it from here when I load all the tickers and update that way - do not create a new one)

* Everyone who hits their goal by the end of the month will be entered into a drawing (I use for drawings)

That's it. Now, I don't expect you to try and do 1,000 miles or something ridiculous. You know what level you are at now, try to push to put in a few more miles than you are currently doing. My goal is 50 miles for the month, what's yours?

Healthy and Happy Living



jen said...

I like this challenge. I have a little question: is it how many TOTAL miles or how many miles I will walk? And how many miles I bike?

Let me know!

Very cool idea for a challenge.

<3 jen (@bwJen)

a_healthier_me said...

Good question. I had intended to just to Walk/Jog/Run, but you're the second person to ask me if they could do biking. So I think I'll add that as an option. You'll just need to set a higher goal than those walking. So make sure it is appropriate for your activity type.

Anonymous said...

Great idea... I'm in! This may be the jumpstart I need to start moving again. I'm posting this on my blog, too!