Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Importance of Reachable Goals

In stairing at my ticker at the top of my blog, it dawned on me that I had made a big mistake. What was I trying to do to myself? Was I really thinking when I set my goal at 100 lbs right off the bat? Now don't get me wrong, it is definately important to have a long term goal, but it is just as important to have short term goals along the way.

So you will now notice that the 100 lb goal bar has been moved down to the bottom or the blog, and in it's place is a new 20 lb goal. Now I have something that can be reached in the near future and doesn't seem like such a long way to go. So here's my advice for anyone who has a long way to go to reach their goal. Break it up into manageable pieces. Think in terms of the next month. How much do you honestly feel you can comfortably lose in the next 30 days. Once you reach the end of those 30 days - re-evaluate. Did you reach your goal? Yes - then celebrate. Something tangible (NOT FOOD), that makes you feel good about reaching your goal. A new belt, a pair of earrings, a hat, a new DVD you've been wanting to get. Whatever it is, find some little present you can get yourself for reaching your goal by your deadline. It sometimes helps to decide on your reward ahead of time so you know what you are working towards.

What if you didn't reach your goal? Don't beat yourself up. Re-evaluate the goal, did you set it too high (don't shoot for 50 lbs in a month), did you actually do what you needed to do to reach that goal? What can you do differently? Don't be afraid to ask me, other bloggers, and other Twitterers for advice on what to set your goals at and how to reach them. There is a large and growing community of people like us that are trying to lose the extra baggage, and we're all out there helping one another.

Now, I'm having trouble deciding on my reward for reaching my goal. I want to hit the 20 lb mark by the 15th of July. I'd love to hear what you set as your reward to help me decide what to reward myself with when I reach my goal.

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Connie Weiss said...

I recently adjusted my goals because the weight is coming off much slower than I thought it would.

I need to think of some rewards....

Tangee said...

I think you are very spot on adjusting your goals. My ultimate goal is 100 pounds as well, but I'm doing it in 20 pound increments, it makes me feel more effective this way.