Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Today is a good day. After not being able to stop smiling yesterday, I decided last night that I like having days where I smile all the time, so I was just going to have nothing but good days. Well, to my pleasant surprise, the wonderful Fabulous Fatties had decided that today all the Healthy Challenge participants would get points for following & saying "Hi" to me today. What a great way to start the morning, a dozen or so messages saying "Hi" telling me how great I was doing, how fabulous and nice I am. My face hurt from all the smiling. Now everyone I work with will benefit from this, since I'll be in such a good mood today. Even my water tastes delicious today!

As part of the healthy challenge the Fabulous Fatties are putting on, we are challenged to perform one random good deed (or as I like to put it a Random Act of Kindness). One of the people I follow in Twitter recommended this site for inspiration http://365daysofgoodness.com/ (You can find her on Twitter as well at http://twitter.com/daysofgoodness). This wonderful lady has decided to perform one random good deed a day for 365 days. Everything from signing for a neighbor's FedEx package, to donating items and time to various charities. I find her story inspirational, and it makes me suddenly think about all those good deeds I haven't done or keep meaning to do. 

So today, in addition to my Journey to a Healthier Me, I'm now on a Journey to a Better Me. I will be looking for and doing my daily good deed with Alli as my guide. Today as my good deed, I am spreading the word of her site to as many people as I can. Remember, what goes around comes around. 



Connie Weiss said...

I need to check out that site!

I asked Shannon and Angie if *putting out* could be considered a good deed? My husband thinks so but they didn't. LOL!

Have a great day!

De'Anna said...

Of course your husband thinks so, mine probably would too. But hey, at least you get to burn some calories in the process. :)

Foodie McBody said...

I love the good deeds too. It's a great and important part of the challenge!