Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beat The Heat & Swim Your Way Thin

With summer in full swing (well depending on what part of the world you're in anyway), it's time to beat the heat. In the hot smmer months, one thing I dread is working out and getting all sweaty when it's this hot outside. What better solution to both problems than an aqua workout! Now I've known for some time that wate workouts are really good for you. You get your workout, added resistance from the water, plus it's low impact so there is a lower risk for injury and it's easier on bad joints and recovering injuries.

Found a great article in 24 Hour Fitness' You24 Magazine, full of information on the benefits of this type of exercise & some tips and techniques to get you started.

According to the 24 Hour Fitness article, "swimming burns calories like a nuclear furnace. The butterfly stroke singes off more than 748 calories in an hour (based on a 150-pound person), which is as intense as running a 9-minute mile—just without all the knee jarring." Now, if you're like me (unless you are lucky enough to have your own pool) one of the thoughts in your mind right now is probably "But I can't be seen in public in my bathing suit! People will look at me! Bathing suits don't cover my problem areas." Well, don't let that stop you! Denise Sarver, a master trainer at the Ward Parkway Center Sport 24 Hour Fitness in Kansas City, Missouri gives this piece of advice “People get hung up on wearing a bathing suit or learning the strokes,” she says. “Forget about that; people aren’t looking, and with a few quick technique tips, you’ll make swimming more of a workout than struggle. Once you jump in, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start it earlier.”

I don't know about you, but I'm pulling out my swimsuit and I'm going to be sure to put it to good use this summer! And the great thing about a gym membership somewhere that has a pool (which the 24 Hour Fitness I go to has), is that you're not limited to summertime to take advantage of the benefits of pool workouts, you can do them year round!

Some useful calculators from 24 Hour Fitness.

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***Please note; I am not certified as a trainer, physical therapist or doctor, this is informational only, you should consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine***

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Susan said...

Hello! Following over from SITS. I love swimming, swimming is amazing for the body, I just wish I had the cardio levels to keep up with it like I used to.

Stay strong with your goals :)