Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a while...

It's been quite some time since I've been doing any blogging. Did anyone miss me?

Life got a little crazy on me. We moved half way across the country, which took some getting used to. Now that we're finally settled in, I'm taking stock of my life. 

I'm a very happy person. I love where we live now. My family is great (even if my husband and son give me headaches sometimes). I do miss the rest of my family, which has led to some emotional times during the holidays. But I'm making friends, and keeping up with everyone on Facebook. 

So what do I need to fix in my life? Unfortunately the same thing I needed to fix back when I started this blog. My weight. 

I'm sad to say I gained back a few of the pounds I had lost, not a lot, but enough that I was not happy with myself for letting that happen. I noticed that the excuses started finding their way into my head again. Now it's that we moved to a higher altitude and the air is thinner, so I get short of breath easy. Great excuse, right? WRONG! That's a great reason to be working out and losing weight. If I was in better shape I would have probably acclimated better. 

Well no more excuses! I'm back in the saddle and ready to ride. I'm currently at *gasp* 262lbs. I'm shooting for 255 by the end of the month. But will be happy with any weight loss I get, as numbers heading down are better than numbers heading up. 

I've changed my mini-goal and have decided to make it 10% of my starting weight. I started at 275, so I'm down 13 so far, almost half way to that mini-goal. When I hit it, I'm going to go get my hair done. 

Healthy and Happy Living

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Grandma Cat said...

Hi Sweetie,
Congrats on taking stock of your life and facing the problems head on . . . the problem I share with you! When I moved the month after you did, I landed in Idaho at 320, immediately lost 20 due to the stairs in our split level house. Over the year, I've put nearly half of that back on . . . now 308. My excuse? I like the taste of food! Why in the world do they make it taste good? If it all tasted like coffee, or asparagus, or avocados, it would be so easy to resist. So, I'm happy to start to take control of my weight. How about we share the journey. Love you! Mom