Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Through my first weekend, the time to stare temptation right in the face. Whew, made it. My husband, son and I spent Saturday helping some friends get ready for their up coming bundle of joy (she's due in 2 weeks). With all the tasty snacks, and the wonderful barbecued dinner, I managed to control myself and stay within my calorie budget for the day, without skipping out on everything but just watching my portions. 

I'm learning about different foods, and finding that some of the things I thought weren't so bad for me, are either very unhealthy, or packed full of calories. For example, I used to make breakfast burritos, so a couple eggs, nice big tortilla, plenty of cheese, hashbrowns, some type of meat, and green taco sauce. Well, I hadn't been paying attention, but now that I am I find that there are well over 600 calories in that breakfast. I had no idea the tortillas I was using were over 200 calories each! Guess I'll have to rethink that recipe. 

On the other hand, some of my favorites are wonderful for me! I think radishes are my new favorite snack; very low on calories, tasty, and they make me want to drink lots of water. :)

I've started watching a new show called "Cook Yourself Thin", it's opening my eyes to some tasty food substitutions (even though their calorie counts seem to be off). I recommend it to anyone who'd like to get an idea of how to cut out some calories in your favorite foods, just do your own calorie counts. 

So as day 3 comes to a close I find that I'm actually looking forward to my first weekly weigh in, and that hasn't happened in ages!

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Anonymous said...

Wish you tons...I means pounds and pounds...of success!