Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Virtual "Skinny" picture

OK, so it's not exactly a "skinny"picture, but this is what that Virtual Belly Flattener I mentioned a couple blogs back decided I'd look like 50 lbs lighter. We'll see how close they are.

Week one is almost done. My first weigh in is Friday morning. Starting next week though, my weigh ins will change to Monday, to coincide with a Biggest Loser type contest we are doing at work. So today I need to get in my "last minute workout".

I'm discovering that it is important to take a good multi-vitamin in addition to drinking enough water to stay hydrated, especially when losing weight or body fat. Since as the fat breaks down it releases any stored toxins into your body, taking the multi-vitamin helps shore up your defenses & staying hydrated helps flush those toxins out. So now that I've got a little cold, it's time to start doing those things I know I should be.

Until tomorrow, have a healthy day!

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