Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What a week!

Busy, busy, busy. Had a friend from out of town over to visit for several days, and we kept busy. A 5 mile hike around a local reservoir, an obstacle course followed by a 1 mile nature walk, swimming laps at 24 Hour Fitness (I did 25 laps in the Olympic size pool), and I can't even remember what else. I'm still a little sore, but it was so worth it!

Today I meet my new trainer for the first time. I'm looking forward to working with her. Her name is Patty and from what I've heard she has had great success helping people lose a lot of weight. Hopefully she is just what I need. I'll be seeing her twice a week for the next 5 weeks to get a jump start into getting fit, and to help me get prepared for my next challenge. 

What's my next challenge? I'm so glad you asked. I'll be participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in September. It's a 5k muddy obstacle course. I've never done anything like it, and am really looking forward to proving to myself that I can do it. It's non-competitive, so I don't need to worry about how fast I can complete the course, I just need to make it to the end. I've got 2 months to train for it. I know I can do a 5k hike, and the obstacle course I went through last week had many of what I'll be doing in the DGMR, but I had a LOT of trouble trying to get over the wall, so much so that I ended up walking around it. I also had to walk the course, I probably looked a little silly walking through the tires, but hey, I didn't fall. 

So over the next month I'll be doing that obstacle course at least once a week, and will keep trying to get over that wall. I will also be doing the 5k hike to try and pick up the pace a little. Add that to working with my trainer, and I should be set to do the DGMR and will hopefully have between 10 and 20 lbs less to carry through that obstacle course. 

Oh, and if you've been reading my blog for a while, you may notice a change in the name I'm posting from. I've decided to consolidate some of my accounts into one, so I don't have to try and remember which account posts to what blog. 

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